FAQ about Adopting

We’ve compiled some frequently asked questions about adoption! Please read through them carefully. If you have any additional questions, feel free to email our Adoption Team adopt@bittykittybrigade.org. (The Adoption Team does not answer inquiries via phone call or text to our intake line.)

For special needs and/or medically complete cats, as well as puppies, we consider applications outside the Twin Cities metro. Keep in mind we don't ship animals, and you should plan to spend at least 2 days in the metro area during the adoption process. For all other animals, you must live within a 100-mile radius of Little Canada, MN.

The long-term caregiver must be the one adopting and must be at least 21 years old. 

Adoption decisions should involve the whole household. We suggest surprising your family/friend with a kitten/puppy/cat toy or other supplies, and then go through the process together.

If a kitten/puppy is no longer on our website, it means they are on hold for another adopter. They may be put back online if the other applicant chooses not to adopt.

Please wait until you see the kitten on our website to apply. We don’t have a wait list or ‘reserve’ kittens for adopters. 

As a foster-based rescue, our animals are in  homes across the Twin Cities metro. An application and acceptance is the best and only way to set up a visit with them.

While you can meet multiple animals, we ask you to focus on one or two at a time (depending on whether you’re adopting one or a pair). Once screened, you have a week during which the chosen animal is on hold. You’re welcome to meet additional kittens afterwards if you’d like but the first one will no longer remain on hold for you. 

We cannot hold animals for more than 7 days after deciding to adopt. Please be ready to take your new pet home the same day as you submit your application (despite the application process taking about 4-14 days). 

You must have another young companion already in your home. Some adult cats may be adopted without a companion.

Our adoption fees help support our ongoing rescue efforts. We do not offer discounts or sales. 

We suggest filling out an application. You are not obligated to adopt once submitting an application. Given the volume of emails, this is the best way to ensure all your questions are answered.  

Email the Coordinator you've been in contact with. They will help set up the visit with your selected animal.

We ask that you complete the process with the other rescue first and then submit an application once that animal is in your home and up to date on vaccinations. 

No, we are looking for a lifelong placement. But we understand situations may change, and we will ALWAYS take our pets back at any point in their lifetime.