Intake Inquiry

The Bitty Kitty Brigade takes in orphaned kittens ages 0-5 weeks who are unable to eat on their own. If you’re looking for placement for older kittens, kittens with moms or adult cats, please refer to our Rescue Resources page for other rescues in the area.

Steps to Requesting Intake    

    • Have the kittens physically in your care. If you are requesting help catching/trapping kittens please email the TNR team at
    • Make sure the kittens are 5 weeks or under. For assistance in aging kittens, refer to our Found Kittens page.
    • Send an email to or text 651-705-6264 and include your name and phone number, description of the kittens in need and a front-facing photo of the kittens.

  One of our Community Liaisons will contact you as soon as possible!


** For placement of weaned kittens, kittens with moms, or adult cats, please view our Rescue Resources page. **     .