Kitten Cams

(Please note: We do not have a waiting list for kittens, including those shown on the Kitten Cams. If you’re interested in adopting, you can watch for them to be posted on our Available Kittens page.)

We have no live kitten cams at this time. Please check back later!

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67 thoughts on “Kitten Cams”

  1. Thank you for the kitty cam! I can’t tell you how much it makes my day. Sweets and Oscar are the luckiest little sweethearts to have such good care.
    Oscar looks like he’s a curious little fellow! I saw him trying to “jump” the wall yesterday.
    Thank you again!!!

  2. This morning they were side by side…in their individual apartments! I can not wait for them to be able to snuggle together!

  3. I see that Oscar has a tray under his food and water now. No more spilling his water when he tries to cover his food.

  4. Such a hoot to see them all be together and play!
    How is Oscar able to sleep hanging over the edge of their little cat tree not fall off? Great abs!!!

  5. Such happiness to see all these little ones growing and thriving! Who is the newbie in the eastside efficiency?

    Thanks for all that you are doing!

    1. Also wondering what happened to the two missing cameras (for several days now)–kitten ICU with Spike and Spitfire, and with Moto Moto and Alex the Lion? As always, hoping they’re okay?

  6. are you able to fix the camera for the “eastside” kitten apartment so we can see them? we’d love to see the whole bunch of ’em

    1. I keep trying but we’re having “technical difficulties,” by which I mean…the kittens keep knocking the camera out of the wall and also stepping on the switch to the power supply. 😀

  7. I would like to be contacted when adoption papers can be filled out. Enjoyed the cam sight hopefully you are getting new kittens to adopt.

  8. Looks like the two beautiful tiger kitties have back leg difficulties. I’m curious what the white on the back of their tail near their rump is for? Can they use the litter box okay?

  9. I’m supposed to be working on Christmas cards, but this is very distracting! It helped calm me down when my printer was giving me trouble, but now…

  10. Our family has been checking in on Butterball and her 8 side dishes every day!! Thank you so much for the Kitten Cam and for caring for this special group!!!

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