Trapping & TNR Resources


What to do if you find a kitten/cat outdoors

Alley Cat Allies has great information regarding catching and helping the feline you’ve found. 





We suggest calling your local animal shelter to see if they have traps you can rent or borrow. In the Twin Cities and surrounding areas, traps can be checked out at MNSNAP or Animal Humane Society locations.


  • MNSNAP – has over a couple dozen traps for loan. Traps are first come, first served. A $75 check deposit is required for EACH trap. Once the traps are returned, your check will be returned to you. Traps can only be used for cats getting services from MNSNAP
  • AHSwill loan out 1-3 traps if available. Traps are first come, first served. Maximum of 3 traps can be borrowed at a time. During peak periods, AHS will only loan out 1-2 traps if available. They require photo ID with phone number for their logs. Traps are to be returned within two weeks or a reasonable time period depending on time of year.



To find people who can trap or can help with advice:






Area Groups Offering TNR Assistance






Minnesota Low-Cost Spay/Neuter Providers:






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