The Bitty Kitty Brigade is an entirely volunteer-run organization and we’d love your help!

Foster Caregiver – In order to help bottle babies, we are dependent on foster caregivers! Interested in caring for some wee ones? The Bitty Kitty Brigade will provide all food, supplies and vetting as well as comprehensive training. You provide a small, safe-space and a willingness to bottle feed kittens on a regular schedule (every 2 – 5/6 hours depending on age) and care for them until weaned. If bottle feeding doesn’t fit your schedule, you can sign up to be a weaned-kitten caregiver! To apply, please fill out our Foster Application Form. All caregivers will need to complete our training program first – if you’re not sure if fostering bottle babies is for you, feel free to take the training, there’s no obligation to foster if it’s not a good fit! Questions? Hit us up!